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R&D Strength

Menlo R&D center achieved more than 50 patents, all because of our over 40 engineers and senior engineers with 8 years’ and 15 years’ experience in this filed. We using IPD (Integrated Product Development) model for its project development. We insist focus, innovation as a only continue step to operating all our new products. We believe that our R&D team will stronger and our customers will get our better high-tech products.

IPD management mode
Experiment center equipment
Certificate of patent
Combined converter module structureStructure of high-power components phase decalescenceHigh melting metal film inductive coil
Metal case film capacitorMetal laminated circuitLED drive power circuit
Glue injection film capacitorInterruption explosion-proof capacitorElectromagnetic induction heating plate
Power components composite radiating layer and power components with composite radiating layerDrive thick film circuit inverter module used in electric vehicleMicrotubule array high efficiency radiator
Parallel integration encapsulation high-power converter moduleRadiating technology for gear tooth to blow hot air at high speedRadiator with cage type gear tooth to blow hot air at high speed
Microwave oven film capacitorPower switch components with radiatorRadiator for blowing wind at high speed
The iron core radiating structure of electric reactorPower reactor with metal laminated technologyPlastic injection film capacitor
The coil radiating structure of electric reactorCapacitor speed switchMetal ion honeycomb Al capacitor
The electric reactor terminalHoneycomb type metal radiatorCeramic ware used for heating of induction cooker
The LED heat recycling unitLED Lamp radiatorFoam film capacitor
Reactive power compensation reactance capacitorAssembled radiatorFilm capacitor end face sputtering metal structure
Power-cut explosion-proof capacitor Phase change radiator with meshy metal structureCoaxial capacitor
Low voltage parallel connection compensation capacitorHigh efficiency radiatorGum on radiator
Microwave oven capacitorSealing structure of phase change radiatorCoil panel of induction cooker
Converter module that can be 3D jointHoneycomb type electrode capacitorFlat coil inductor
Capacitor speed switch