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The company introduced

The broad Dongming road electric power electron Limited company is fair research and development, the production, the sale and the post-sale service is a body's large-scale High-tech enterprise. The company successively through the ISO9001 quality system and the ISO14001 conditions system, and obtains “Guangdong Province high technology and new technology enterprise” “to defend the contract serious credit enterprise” “the Shunde area hundred intelligence manufacture pedagogical enterprise” and so on titles.
The bright road has 27 year capacitor manufacture experience, take the conceptual design, the bold innovation as the idea, in the research and development and manufacturing metallization electric power electron primary device aspects and so on filmite capacitor, electronic radiator has the advanced standard. The product has many letter patents, conforms to CQC, UL, TUV, VDE and so on many kinds of safety certification requirement, sells in distant markets China, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and so on more than 20 countries and the zone. “activation human nature, utilization wisdom, creation value, achievement.”The bright passer-by receives the specialty, dedicated, rigorous, the enterprising manner, take solves the client demand as the direction, the pursue is remarkable, pursues a goal with determination into the innovation and the intellectualized range pole enterprise which is respected the human.

Our history
Our honor
Our management philosophy
Our vision
Our development strategy: 3 steps
> Inspirits passion, Use intelligence, Create value, Self-achievement.
> In 2025, to be the world class respected benchmarking enterprises.
> 2014 Through regulating the IPD innovation model to level up the ability of innovation and intelligent design.
> In 2014~2017 Complete the smart production system by adopting MLC model, to realize intelligent processing, logistics and quality control.
> In 2017~2019 To establish the intelligent manufacturing field located in Europe and US to increase the global market shares.
> 2017's sales target increase 100% than 2016's;
> 2018's sales target increase 100% than 2017's;
> 2019's sales target increase 100% than 2018's.