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Is engaged in travel of the electric capacity technology 30th anniversary experience share
Date:2017-07-26 Clicks:

To celebrate the chief engineer of menlo company, engaged in capacitor technology 30th Anniversary,

At the same time, "artisan spirit" deeply into each member's mind,In July 23rd and 24th, in the beautiful Hailing Island of yangjiang city,

We organized a two day experience sharing meeting,This sharing meeting Let us strengthen the product with the care and precision of a sculptor,

Strengthen the concept of the spirit of excellence,In the exchange of each other, and enhance the cohesion of the team.


Calm and independent, practical and pragmatic.

After the easy and serious sharing session,Everyone heartily embraces the happy time of this blue sea and blue sky.

Under the burning sun,Heat wave hits,But we have ushered in the snow in the snow and ice Kingdom,

Let everyone enjoy the sense of frozen in the Summer


The evening of the beach still like the daytime lively, The evening of the beach still like the daytime busy, we looked at the boundless sea, enjoying the cool sea breeze, imBiBed freely!



Whether riding fishing boat to the sea or to enjoy the sunshine on the beach, we are hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, like a family to accompany each other


Happy to share, tough forward hand in hand

Although the perfect ending of the journey, but in our development on the road, will be full of enthusiasm and persistent attitude, continue to stride forward.