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  • Therefore after working as Amazon warehouse video frequency exposure, brushed very quickly has exploded the friend circle, bustled about robot, “on big” intelligent arm, but also had the ultra mysterious unmanned aerial vehicle to deliver goods proficiently, looked that stayed has eaten the melon populace. Actually, does not need to admire overseas,Is situated the world first China logistics as the express quantity already to enter the digitization, the intellectualized time, it, already has perhaps surpassed your imagination!

  • To celebrate the chief engineer of menlo company, engaged in capacitor technology 30th Anniversary, At the same time, "artisan spirit" deeply into each member's mind,In July 23rd and 24th, in the beautiful Hailing Island of yangjiang city, We organized a two day experience sharing meeting,This sharing meeting Let us strengthen the product with the care and precision of a sculptor, Strengthen the concept of the spirit of excellence,In the exchange of each other, and enhance the cohesion of the team.

  • February 22, 2017 is a day to celebrate, Guangdong Menlo Power Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to join the Shunde electronic information chamber of Commerce, formally became a member of the Shunde electronic information chamber of commerce. This is the Shunde Electronic Chamber of Commerce for the Menlo affirmed, also the strength of the Menlo's certification!