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Capacitor sample consultation list

Sample Type
Consult Level
Rated voltage
Terminal type——Length and pitch
Encapsulation——Case material
Technical requirements——Life expectancy
Technical requirements——Safety levels
Technical requirements——Working Temperature
Technical requirements——Effective current
Technical requirements——Pulse currentIp(dv/dt)
Technical requirements——System switching frequency
Special Requirements
Practical Applications
*Purpose of consultation
*Verify Code

Customer order Guide

Please provide the following information as far as possible:

Application occasion:

such as UPS, frequency converter, rectifier etc


rated capacitance and allowable deviation


Including rated voltage, working voltage, ripple voltage and non-periodic impulse voltage etc.


including maximum current, working current, maximum peak current and maximum impulse current

Frequency: Including working frequency, pulse frequency, frequency of ripple voltage, etc.

Workplace: Fixed place, vehicle, ship, etc.

Working environment: such as temperature range, humidity, altitude, heat dissipation, etc.


Product size: such as diameter, height or length, width, height etc.

Types of terminals < p > such as bolt type, bolt type, wiring piece, insert type

Safety requirements: such as flame retardant, explosion proof, etc.

Life expectancy: Life expectancy under given working conditions

Installation mode: Bottom bolt, middle chuck, installation ear, etc.