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MLC-RN20L-0 natural cooling radiator

> > Mainly used for electronic products, like LED power source electrical home appliances control panel heating power devices such as heat exchange, etc, such as MOS tube, IC and rectifier bridge these cooling devices.

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> Good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation performance;

> Resistance to high temperature (500℃) is not peeling, no fall off, do not change colour;

> High wear resistance;

> Waterborne ceramic coating properties, environmental protection, hydrophobic, easy to clean;

> A variety of adjustable colour.


X20G nano radiation coating, by spraying process, spray coating evenly to the metal surface. It not only has high efficiency of the heat transfer of thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency, but also carbon atoms will be heat by infrared radiofrequency radiation into the air. X20G coating with high thermal conductivity, high heat dissipation function well meet the present pursuit miniaturization in electronics materials with light and heat conductivity, heat dissipation requirements.

X20 test point temperature rise curve:

Thermal conductive silicone X20G test point temperature rise curve will be 30 W resistor fever piece stick on surface of aluminum plate samples, processing power, test the resistance heating pieces under 8.5 W power substrate temperature rise, after the final stable temperature. : test voltage: 11.2 V, current: 0.762 A, computing power: 8.534 W; Ambient temperature: 28℃. See from test data, samples for 30 minutes basically stable temperature, under the same test conditions, double-sided spraying X20G sample temperature is lower than without surface treatment of aluminum plate samples about 25℃.


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